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Monkey Ninja

Naruto Mobile Computer Metal Sticker

Naruto Mobile Computer Metal Sticker

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Size:Width 1.6in  Height 0.6in

Features: strong corrosion resistance, no deformation, strong viscosity, high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-radiation

Scope of use: all everything is flat, such as mobile phones, keyboards, mice, cameras, speakers, car homes and other electronic products.



Sticker step

1.Keep the surface of the object to be free of dust and debris, and tear open the transparent film.

2.Align the surface of the object to be attached (if the metal sticker is attached, it cannot be reattached twice)

3.Compact the transparent film and rub it back and forth to increase the viscosity.

4.Slowly tilt and tear open the transparent film, carefully remove the transparent film gently (if you encounter the label and the film adhesion, please change it and try again)

  • If the residual glue is gently glued off with the transparent film just next

  • Some metal edges are sharper, so be careful not to get scratched!



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